Hideitalia offers a variety of special effect options that you can add on to your design. From perforation to embossing to foil printing, the choices you have to get creative are limitless! We also care about safety and offer fire treatment as an add on. 


Hideitalia offers a variety of perforation options. Choose a design, choose an article and choose a color – It’s that simple. With the upteen options of leather we offer, incorporating this beautiful design element in one’s decor couldn’t get easier or more fun!


At Hideitalia, we give you embossing options on a platter. Choose from any of our designs and we will emboss that pattern for you on any color or article of your choice from our Express collection. Create some unique pieces of furniture by incorporating this technique in your design today!


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Safety comes first. Especially in high traffic areas of seating. Be it an auditorium, and aircraft or even your car, if safety is a concern, you have the option of getting your leather from Hideitalia with fire treatment. For more information, please get in touch with us.