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Adding color to a room is not easy. Period.

Especially when you have to pick a piece of furniture. And when it is made of an expensive material like leather, choosing a color becomes even harder. This the main reason why the most popular picks for leather color is either black or brown.

But black and brown is boring. And adding a new color needn’t have to be tough. The key is to pick a color that is not a black, brown or beige, but is still neutral enough to blend with AND compliment the blacks, browns and beiges.

Here are my top 4 picks for COLORFUL NEUTRALS


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Olive is a lovely color in the green family with just a hint of brown. It goes really well with brown, black, white, beige, brick and other such colors which are commonly seen in a house / room. It is easy one the eye, despite being an uncommon color choice. It is in fact quite soothing and has a calm vibe about it. An olive piece of furniture would be a safe bet if you’re looking to add color to your room, but are not keen on going too bold or loud.

                    #2:Dark Petrol / Dark Blue

Dark petrol is essentially dark blue with a hint of green in it, making it a very majestic color with a royal feel to it. In the above pictures, you can see the color in different settings ranging from a modern airy dining room, to a kitchen with wooden floors, to a bedroom with beige furniture. The dark petrol has blended remarkably well with its surroundings and highlighted and uplifted the room, just the right amount.


Bamboo is a happy color! It is yellow with a hint of brown making it bright yet keeping it neutral. Combines well with various color and adds a bit of sunshine where it goes – Truly a beautiful color to add to one’s decor!


One of the most popular choices that people make when they want to add color to their decor is red. But red is not a neutral, nor does it blend with its surroundings. It stands out, loud and clear. For someone that is not ready to go so bold, maroon would be a much better and wiser pick as it falls in the ‘colorful neutral’ category. Maroon is much darker version of red with hints of black in it. And it mixes well with a variety of colors and textures. 



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