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Leather is a highly durable material that can last for decades. It ages gracefully and in fact, has the ability to look even nicer with time. But that’s not why we’re saying a little leather goes a long way. Leather can add a touch of class to a room, even if used sparingly.

Being an expensive material, using leather extensively can have people digging deep in their pockets, which is why furniture manufacturers and consumers are hesitant even to consider leather as a choice for upholstery material. But that shouldn’t be the case. Leather is a beautiful material and the best choice one could make for upholstering furniture. And it can be added to one’s decor in little steps over the years, making big impact each time, without draining one’s decorating budget.

Here are 5 examples of how a little leather can go a long way:


One of the easiest way to add leather to your decor is to get an accent chair. Even if the rest of your furnishing is in fabric, just one accent chair in leather can make a room feel expensive and classy. And the beauty of leather is that it fits in very naturally with all types or colors and textures, making it a very versatile piece of furniture to own. The leather chair in the above pic looks great and adds elegance to the bedroom, even though the color or texture doesn’t exactly match anything else in the room. The same chair could be put in a living room or a study, and it would fit right in, making it a great investment overall!


Image credit: www.1stdibs.com

Want to add leather to your decor, but don’t have a big budget? Invest in a bench! It doesn’t take a lot of leather to make a bench, but it can uplift the look and feel of a space much better than any other material, making it a safe and economical investment. It is also versatile and can fit in easily into a dining area or a bedroom or even a foyer. And here’s more! Leather has a very long lifespan, and your bench will last through the years, seamlessly fitting with all the changes you make to your decor.


Image credit: www.theroomblog.com

A clever way to add an expensive feel to a living room is by getting a  leather coffee table. Even if the rest of your room is done up in fabric, your leather coffee table will fit in just right, tying in all the colors and textures in the room, while still managing to stand out and be the highlight! A tufted leather coffee table also becomes a comfortable foot stool when you want to stretch your legs, and with a beautiful tray on top, it truly is the perfect centrepiece for your living room.


Image credit: www.restorationhardware.com

There’s no better way to make a bedroom feel like it’s fit for the kings and queens, than to add a leather headboard. Once you have a leather headboard, it doesn’t matter what sheets you put on the bed, it will still manage to look great! And here’s the best part – You can make a great looking headboard with just one hide (approx 60sft), making it a comfortable sized investment with super sized impact on the look and feel of a bedroom.


Image credit: www.cocokelley.com

Want your dining area to look expensive without paying through your nose? Just add leather chairs at the head of the table! 2 chairs at the 2 ends of the table is all it takes to make your dinner feel like a feast đŸ™‚ It will add a touch of class without breaking your bank, and can serve double duty by moving into your living room when additional seating (or additional elegance) is required.

Happy decorating!

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